Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Millennial Students: What Do They Want?

The millennial students are entirely different from the previous generations. In fact, they are among the most studied generations. The huge list of researches and studies has provided people the unique insights into their attitudes, behaviors and preferences. 

Based on the popular opinions, Millennials are more community oriented, more caring and even more politically engaged than the previous generations. Apart from it, they want to become more focused on extrinsic set of life goals. They are also less concerned with civic engagement and other things. 

Considered to be self-absorbed and self-confident, they want to continue to influence the education. As students, they are after bringing a new generational personality. This personality is done of structure, confidence, team orientation, and level of optimism.

They are basing their research when looking at colleges to a less formal learning environment. They are aiming for a learning environment at college that combines the best and most structured learning. And, they best prefer for a group-based practical learning. This is their main consideration as far as going to college institution is concerned. 

Just like their corporate peers, they are also concentrated in entering the teaching ranks. They like it more receiving frequent feedbacks, recognition, fairness and recognition. Even the parents of the millennial students are influencing the environment, or the school. This is where their children continue their educational experience. 

Even though college prices continue to increase rapidly as compared to the prices of services and goods, more families and millennial students still struggle of entering a college institution. They are aiming to pay for higher more quality education. They are looking for ways in financing their education. 

Millennials usually score the high on their IQ tests including on certain traits like self-liking, assertiveness, high expectations, self-esteem and extraversion. Apart from it, they are aiming for a completely structured path in academic. They are also looking for the best and most special treatment and they are looking for ways to know what knowledge is needed for exams. 

Even college professors are getting this sense that students want to be entertained by their instructors. This is because of the reason that the present instructors have also experienced Millennials who leave them challenged all the time. They were always challenged prior to their grades and their assignments.

The millennial students want for a transactional relationship to the present education. They are considering higher education to be a necessity. They also believe that this is a costly consumer good. As such, the commodity mind-set of the students is like translating tuition into a college degree. 
As they look for colleges, they want their professors to be approachable, accessible all the time. They also want them to connect lessons to real life situations. This is the only way for them to benefit most from the lessons, techniques and strategies taught in college in real life. This is by far a practical way of them benefitting from the school they attended in. 

As virtual learning is believed to be on the rise, this is also their consideration. They tour around the different colleges that offer this virtual-based learning. As such, millennial students are sized up to be the most educated generation in the history of mankind! 

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